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Attempting to digipaint

2012-02-12 01:04:59 by MelleE

pretty shweet


2011-11-06 14:35:51 by MelleE

Sketching out a rough of outline of my Christmas 2011 flash


2011-08-16 13:30:51 by MelleE

So I had a bamboo pen, and it broke or so I thought I tried reinstalling the drivers alot and such but it wouldn't work however I realized it wasn't removing all data of the tablet when I uninstalled from the disk so I went and removed errything and now my tablet works again :D FUCKYEAH..:P

SUP NOOB this was like the only picture I could find :P

Psh I havn't updated this in a while


2011-01-02 13:32:24 by MelleE

well this is an anigif from my newest flash called Running child its FBF Animation



2010-12-16 12:16:07 by MelleE

I write a Blog Now :D

Twitter :D

2010-09-20 18:46:00 by MelleE

So this is My Twitter and i made it like a week ago but never really chose to promote it anyways or anthings so here it is and i mqde thar down below

Twitter :D


2010-09-11 10:25:03 by MelleE

Ma Future waife


im going to sleep cute gif i found it lurking the webs

Going to SLEEEEeeeeppp..........................................................................ZZZZzZZZzzZZZzzZZZZzZZZzzzz

MY cat and my b-day

2010-06-08 19:27:31 by MelleE

so today i woke up and realized it was my birthday then 10-20 minutes of picture editing of my cat i got this gif is it pronouced jif or actually gif?

MY cat and my b-day